How our process works

Ariston Education treats every student like a unique individual. We are aware that everyone has different learning styles and that is why we offer a personal bespoke service that will fit specific needs and learning abilities.
After discussion with you and your child we will develop a plan that will focus on the student’s areas of weakness and specific approach to learning.

Personal Bespoke Service - Ariston Education
Step 1

Discuss your requirements with us. You can either complete this form or contact us to have a conversation regarding your specific needs. 

Step 2

Within a couple of days we will recommend a tutor from our group. We will inform you about their background experience and we will arrange a FREE introductory session where you and your child will get to meet the tutor,  who will assess the educational level of the student to prepare for the lesson plans. 

Step 3
Book Tuition

After the introductory session, we welcome feedback from both parties. In the event that you are not totally satisfied, we will recommend another tutor from our group until we find the perfect match for you. 

Step 4
Lessons Begin

Your tutor will prepare bespoke lessons that will help to reach the student's goal and provide regular updates that will be shared with you in order to track learning progress.