Our selection process goes deeper than simply checking that tutors can teach the subject.
At Ariston Education we have always insisted that a private tutor meets certain criteria – as a result, we find that 99.9% of our introductions are successful.

Our Tutors

At Ariston Education, we believe that the key ingredient to successful tutoring is a well-matched tutor. We feel extremely lucky to have established such a wonderful, dedicated team of tutors who place the greatest emphasis on the love of learning, whilst helping our students to achieve academic success. Our tutors have studied in the best institutions all over the world and are impatient to share their extraordinary education.


We review numerous CVs before short-listing the most appropriate candidates for screening.


Candidates are then personally interviewed by our Ariston Education Director and are background checked. This includes a current clean Enhanced DBS Certificate (criminal background check for people working with children) and verifying qualifications that will support the candidate’s application.

Successful candidates then enter into a contract for services with Ariston Education and agree to be bound by our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. Contracts require tutors to deliver high-quality tuition by being suitably qualified and experienced. Each tutor is matched to the student’s specific needs. Students are eager to pursue extraordinary education in the best institutions in the world.

What we look for in a tutor

Previous Experience
We only work with tutors with previous experience and a track record of success – proving that not only can they teach the age and exam that you need, but that they can do it successfully.


We want our tutors to feel invested in their students and understand how much they are relied upon. They should be transparent about the level of commitment they can provide, so that you can decide if this works for you.

An effective tutor must be passionate. This includes a passion for their chosen subject, a passion for teaching and a passion for ensuring the wellbeing and prospects of their students. Possessing this passion for teaching is one of the most important qualities of any tutor.

Act professionally and respectably
A tutor must fulfill his or her role in a professional manner when working with their students. Any personal information held in relation to their student should be maintained in a strict and confidential manner. We feel that a successful tutor should be confident but also maintain a friendly persona and act in a formal and professional manner across the duration of the lessons and also whilst communicating with the parent.


We are always keen to hear from exceptional tutors